Woorden: Diana Ross. Let's Make Every Moment Count.

The bittersweet sadness of time passing by
Trying to hold back the years
You try to reach out and touch yesterday
But yesterday just disappears

We've shared a lot of sadness
We've shared a lot of pain
Let's make good
Use of the time that remains

Let's make every moment count
Let's taste the richness of life to its fullest amount
Between me and you and all we've been through
There are no problems that we can?t surmount
Let's make every moment count
Let's make every moment count

I still remember the day we first meet
We both didn't have a care
The years have flown, but we've both grown
We're none of the worse for the wear

We're only just beginning
I'm still your lover and your friend
And it?s never too late to dream again

You say we've seen the best of all our memories
But if your heart and soul are in it
Well, make a new one every minute